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Patricia Sulak, MDWhat is offered?

Unique programs tailored to businesses, organizations, schools, and other groups.

Keynote Addresses
Dr. Sulak has addressed businesses, organizations, medical institutions, and schools throughout the country at meetings, conferences, in-services, and retreats. Her most requested topics for 45 to 60 minute keynote presentations are Living WELL Aware: What IS Healthy? and Stifle Stress / Sever Suffering: Get the STRESS Out!

Dr. Sulak’s 1 ½ to 2 hour workshops can be tailored to specific needs. Topics include:
– Living WELL Aware: Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness
– Food is Medicine: Eat to Live
– Make Movement Mandatory: It’s About Survival
– Stress: Effective Management Strategies

The Living WELL Aware conference is 4 hours of wellness information, implementation, and inspiration to make the necessary changes to get us all healthier and happier. Dr. Waxman and a fitness specialist often assist Dr. Sulak with conducting this energetic program which includes practical demonstrations and activities to enliven the audience. Topics include:
– Living WELL AwareTM: What Makes Us Sick? What Makes Us Healthy?
– Critique Caloric Consumption: Food IS Medicine
– Make Movement Mandatory: Safe Strategies to Maximize Fitness
– Stifle Stress / Sever Suffering: Managing Stress Effectively
– Change Your Story / Change Your Life: Change Your Mind
– Making Lasting Changes: Keys to Succeed in Creating the New YOU



Dr Sulak has presented on Living WELL Aware to numerous businesses, organizations, and schools.

Businesses / Government

Professional Datasolutions, Inc.
McLane Advanced Technology
HEB of Central Texas
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Texas Department Social Health Services
Temple Daily Telegram Day for Women
SOS Leadership, Austin TX
City of Dallas WIC, Dallas TX
Texas Bankers Association, San Antonio, TX
Apple, Austin TX

Schools / Colleges

Midway ISD
Waxahachie ISD
Troy ISD
Alvin ISD
Pampa ISD
Killeen ISD
Jenks Public Schools
Keller ISD
Dallas ISD
Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Temple ISD, Temple TX
Texas A&M Department of Engineering, College Station TX
Region 20 Education Service Center, San Antonio TX
Region 12 Education Service Center, Waco TX


Altrusa International
Austin Human Resources Management Association
Bell County Woman’s Bar Association
Financial Forum for Women, Waco TX
Daughters of the American Revolution
Families in Crisis
Lions Club
Rotary Club
Texas School Nurse Organization
Texas A&M Association of Professional Support Staff
Texas Association Concerned for School Aged Parents
Texas Association of Secondary School Principals
Texas Middle School Conference
Texas A&M AgriLife, College Station, TX
Texas A&M Coastal Bend Education Center, Corpus Christi TX
United Way of Central Texas

Church / Religious

Campus Crusade for Christ, Austin, TX
Golden Agers, First Baptist Church, Belton TX
Church Women of Temple, Temple TX
St Luke, Temple TX,
Temple Bible Church, Temple TX
Faith Point Church, Killeen TX
St Helen’s, Georgetown TX
St Williams, Round Rock TX
Austin Diocesan Council of Catholic Women


American College Health Association
Annual Diabetes Conference, Corpus Christi TX
American Association of Diabetes Educators, Austin TX
North American Menopause Society
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Nurse Practitioners of Women’s Health
Texas A&M College of Medicine
American Holistic Nurses Association
Texas A&M School of Pharmacy

Healthcare (cont.)

Nurse Practitioners Association of Continuing Education
Symposia Medicus – Integrative Medicine Conference
Baylor Scott & White Health
Fort Worth OBGYN Society
Southern Medical Association
Omnia Education, New York City
University of Texas at Houston College of Medicine
Montana Department of Public Health
Tulsa County Medical Society

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What can you gain?

Dr. Sulak and other accomplished presenters provide the framework for a path of greater livelihood and longevity. Data from previous attendees has revealed improved health outcomes including decreases in body weight and increases in physical activity and well-being. Knowledge tests confirm that the information is comprehended by audiences of diverse backgrounds and educational levels.

Do you want yourself, your event’s audience, or your staff to live longer? Improve overall health? Lose weight? Gain more energy? Decrease STRESS? It’s time you started Living WELL Aware!

Booking Patsy as the keynote speaker or workshop leader for your upcoming event will prove wildly successful.

She will teach the attendees about the self-induced nature of common health disorders and help them learn how medically accurate information, implementation, and inspiration can get them to the next level of health & happiness!


Speaking Topics Include:

  • Living WELL Aware:  11 Essential Elements to Health and Happiness
  • The #1 Killer in Americans:  It’s NOT What You Think
  • What is Healthy?  The Texas Doc Has “NO” Prescription
  • Your WELLNESS:  Why the Medical Industry is NOT the Answer
  • Managing Your Menopause:  Why Doing Nothing May Kill You
  • PMS, Menstrual Headaches, Cramps, Bleeding?  No Need To Bleed


Media Experience:

CBS, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report

Wall Street Journal, Time, Glamour,

CNN, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan

Self, MTV, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News

Areas of Expertise:

Wellness / Disease Prevention

Menstrual Disorders:  PMS, Menstrual

Headaches, Pelvic Pain

Hormone Therapy