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About Living Well Aware

Come learn more about Living WELL Aware – Who we are, what our mission is, and about the thousands of people we have helped take control of their health and ultimately discover true fulfillment in life.

Whether a one-day conference or a 3 to 4 hour wellness workshop, our medically accurate programs provide the latest recommendations on disease prevention through healthy living. Attendees report proven healthy outcomes including an increase in physical activity and a decrease in body weight.

Dr. Sulak is available for keynote addresses, workshops, and LWA Conferences


Partner with Living WELL Aware!

Living WELL Aware has partnered with business, organizations, schools and churches to provide holistic wellness to it’s members.  From keynote addresses and workshops to day long wellness events Dr. Sulak works with groups to meet their needs.  Contact us for information on how Living WELL Aware can work with you for greater health and wellness.


Need a wellness immersion? Join us in Santa Fe if you desire to question self limiting beliefs, take ownership of your health and happiness, and soar to a greater state of well-being.  Download Conference PDF for more information.

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