All day long, we are making decisions, choosing between options.  What should I eat?  What should I wear?  Should I purchase this item?  How should I respond to this person? What if we were constantly thinking “Take the High Road”?

How would that change our actions?  If you developed the habit of telling yourself “Take the High Road”, you are in a position of becoming a better version of yourself.  You’re in a buffet line or looking at a menu at a restaurant, you tell yourself “Take the High Road.”  Choose healthy options only.  The alarm goes off and you had planned the night before to go to the gym and work out in the morning.  Even though an extra hour of sleep would be great, you “Take the High Road” and get out of bed.

We make decisions all day long that greatly affect the quality of our life.  When faced with a choice, challenge yourself to “Take the High Road” on the path of Living WELL Aware™.


Thanks to Temple ISD for having me speak at their Wildcat Wellness kickoff last Wednesday! The room was packed with over 900 employees who are ready to Take the High Road and do their best for our students.  Thanks from Living WELL Aware™ for all you do!