THANKS for taking the time to invest in your health by reading Living WELL Aware One Minute Wellness.  This week’s message is something we should ALL apply.  What do we need to:

RESTART?  We all have our list.  We may have started (SEVERAL times) to accomplish something but got sidetracked by life.  We may need to restart our desire to lose weight, get fit, clean out the house, meditate regularly, eat healthier, cut down on alcohol consumption, watch less TV, work on our emotional or spiritual wellness, etc etc.

It’s one of our greatest freedoms – our freedom to choose to start anew on any aspect of our life: physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual (or all of the above).  HOW?  First, by not being satisfied with where you are in one or more areas of your life, and, importantly, taking ownership of what IS under your control – which is A LOT!  Dump the excuses.  In fact, laugh at them!

Second, if you are going to begin AGAIN, know the END.  What is your goal, your destination?  Be specific!  Visualize exactly how you see The New You.

Third, take it one step at a time! You don’t have to overhaul your life by next week! For example, I made a New Year’s resolution to de-clutter our entire home. That may sound daunting to some of you, including me!  But then I broke it down. I took it one closet, shelf, room at a time.  Did I get diverted?  YES!  But, I never lost my vision:  A clean, organized house!  FYI:  If your vision doesn’t include a life of PEACE and JOY, go back to the drawing board for some design edits.

What do you need to RESTART?  Just like you have to RESTART your computer after installing a new program, you need to RESTART your life after installing a new plan for your future.

This month many schools will RESTART.  A big THANK YOU to our educational institutions in our communities and around the country who are diligently working to create a safe restart to the new school year.  As our schools are into their restart, let’s diligently work on our own RESTART.  There’s no better time to REBOOT!  It’s about Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Vidor ISD for having me present last week to school employees on Upping Your Wellness Game.   I’m excited about our planned follow up wellness webinars to keep Vidor ISD staff on the wellness wagon.   I’m looking forward to presenting to Temple College, Hallettsville ISD, and Van Vleck ISD this week.  Healthier school employees are KEY to healthier students.  Let’s RESTART the school year with a staff vested in their wellness and the students!

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Have Dr. Sulak speak to your group!

It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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