Living WELL Aware 2021

Taking your life to the next level in 2021!


Haven’t registered for LWA 2021 yet?  It’s not too late to make 2021 THE YEAR of the NEW YOU!  LWA 2021 Group 1 has nothing but rave reviews for the weekly evening webinars held on Monday or Tuesday of each week at 6:30pm.  

Living WELL Aware:  Getting Healthier and Happier in 2021 is delivered by Patricia J. Sulak, MD and Jeffrey A. Waxman, MD.  Drs. Sulak and Waxman recently completed the comprehensive Institute for Functional Medicine course for physicians and will be including the latest information on how our body works, what makes us sick, and how we can live healthier and happier.  LWA 2021 Group 1 participants began their journey January 2021 and are giving the program a five star Thumbs UP.  Participants have learned and implemented the information with life-changing results:  weight loss, increased stamina/muscle mass, stress reduction.  (Click here for LWA 2021 Reviews).  Due to numerous requests, we are excited to announce that we are repeating the LIVE 13-week comprehensive webinar series and starting LWA 2021 Group 2.   NOTE: This will be the LAST group we will be starting in 2021.  

COMPONENTS of the program include:

  A recording will be available.  Beginning Tuesday April 6, 2021 at 6:30pm CT we will kick off the first of 13 weekly wellness Zoom webinars which will conclude the last week of June.  All sessions will be recorded and available to registrants for several days for later viewing. 

TOPICS TO BE COVERED in the webinar series:

    • What the Health! Health Status State of the Union 2021
    • Change IS Difficult – – Unless You Do This First!
    • Keys to Succeed in Making Lasting Changes
    • Conventional vs Functional Medicine:  Getting to the Root of the REAL Underlying Causes of Disease and Death – What Happened Upstream?
    • Where’s the Beef?  What You Need to Know About Body Fat and Prevention of Sarcopenia
    • The Science Behind Healthy Food Consumption? (HINT: Fat is not the culprit!)  
    • How Sweet It Is Isn’t!  Glycemic Control, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes
    • The Gut Microbiome:  Where Many Diseases Begin – and Can End!
    • Fasting / Autophagy:  The Body’s Amazing Self-Cleaning Mechanism – How to Turn It On
    • Upping Your Emotional Health:  The Ruler of Your Life
    • Fitness: Making It Mandatory AND Manageable – Otherwise It Doesn’t Happen!
    • Inflammation:  The Good, The Bad, and The Dangerous
    • Ideas You Want to SLEEP On:  Why Quantity and Quality of Sleep are Critical
    • Supplements: Which Ones To Consider, or Not
    • Neuroplasticity:  Reprogramming Your Life
    • Mindfulness:  Living in the NOW.  It’s Easier Than You THINK
    • Rituals Rule:  Establishing YOUR Personal Routine and Tracking Your Progress for a Life of Wellness
    • The 10 Characteristics of Centenarians (Note:  They don’t live at the gym!)
    • And MUCH more!
  • 2. Weekly Health Tips:  We all need frequent reminders / continued involvement to stay focused on wellness and achieve our desired outcomes.  Every week throughout 2021 each registrant will receive an email with additional information and inspiration. 
  • 3. Monthly Follow Up Webinars:  To keep LWA 2021 participants engaged through December 2021 and to continue to provide the latest in wellness, a monthly Zoom webinar will be conducted to discuss a Living WELL Aware wellness topic.  Members of the group may suggest a topic of interest.
  • 4. Living WELL Aware Live Events:  Later in the year, LWA 2021 participants will have the opportunity to attend a live event in the Temple area conducted by Drs. Sulak and Waxman – at no additional cost.  The group will also have the opportunity to come to Patsy and Jeff’s home for a meet and greet and discussion on how to center one’s home around wellness.
  • 5. Private Facebook Group:  Once registered, you will be given the link to the private LWA2021 Facebook Group that helps us all stay connected, learn from each other, and motivate each other.
  • 6. Q&A with Dr. Sulak and Dr. Waxman via Zoom and email

Make 2021 The Year to Remember, not because of the continued pandemic or record-breaking weather.  Make 2021 THE YEAR of the NEW YOU as you travel with like-minded folks focused on implementing health strategies that will improve ALL aspects of life – physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual.  Two Registration Options:

  • The registration fee for ALL components of this Living WELL Aware Year of Wellness:  ONLY $195. Yep, that’s it!  Includes webinars throughout 2021, weekly emails, live events, private Facebook Group, Q&A with the Docs.  Had trouble in the past sticking to your New Year’s goals and plans?  THIS IS FOR YOU!  
  • The registration fee to participate in only the 13 weekly webinars: ONLY $95  

To register for this incredible wellness journey, you can either:

  • Mail your check payable to:  Living WELL Aware, LLC   P.O. Box 551,  Temple TX 76501 
  • Pay via Venmo:  VENMO ID- @LivingWellAware   (Jeffrey Waxman) 
  • IMPORTANT: All registrants must contact Amy at to notify her of your registration option, method of payment, and preferred email address to receive the private Zoom link for the webinars and to get on the group weekly email list.

REGISTER TODAY with your spouse/partner, family members, coworkers, friends!  Join LWA 2021:  THE GROUP that is rocking it in 2021 with life-changing results, elevating their lives to greater health and happiness.  For questions, contact Amy at


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