What is our #1 obstacle in life? No, not the actions of others.  Not life circumstances dealing us a bad hand.  Not a pandemic.  How about our assumptions?  We assume we can’t do something, such as get to our ideal body weight, be happy, forgive someone, stop worrying and be at peace, have the job of our dreams, be in an amazing relationship.  What if we ditched our countless list of self-limiting beliefs and thought of our life as full of countless:  

POSSIBILITIES?  To do so would require different thinking, different assumptions.  We “invented” our current assumptions from what we have learned, what we have experienced, what we are told is “true.”  These assumptions have been programmed into our subconscious mind – “the box.”  How about an improved possibility?  It would require thinking outside the box.  You create a new assumption, a possibility, that fits with your desired outcome.

My husband Dr. Jeff Waxman has an enlightening presentation he has given to numerous audiences at our wellness conferences entitled Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.  In this presentation he delineates 6 areas of his life where he changed his long-held beliefs and invented new possibilities.  One of his old assumptions:  “I can’t dance.”  It’s a story he invented based on assumptions.  Why?  Growing up, no one in his family danced.  I mean NO ONE.  When he tried, it was NOT pretty (Believe me!).  He decided to step outside his subconsciously held belief and invented a new possibility: “I can dance.  Millions of people do it.  Why not me?”  He pictured himself being an amazing dancer.  I’m talking Fred Astaire!  We took lessons – – lots of lessons.  The result:  The dude can dance!  

Don’t think this was easy by any means.  How did Jeff go from total spaz on the dance floor to people coming up to him at gala fundraiser dances commenting on his slick moves?  He didn’t lose the vision of his new possibility.  By doing so, the answers to how to get there continued to surface.  He never lost his new vision.  Although the progress was slow, he didn’t give up.  He also traveled the journey with someone:  ME!  He applied LWA Essential Element # 11:  Seek and Secure Support.  For him: Get a partner.  Get a coach.

Want to change some aspect of your life?  Ask yourself:  What assumptions am I making that are resulting in an undesirable outcome?  What self-limiting belief have I programmed into my brain’s command center?  What possibility could I invent to get me the outcome I want? If you would like to learn more about designing new possibilities, I suggest you read the book The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life, by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.  I found it both entertaining and enlightening.

Think it’s not possible?  Want to elevate your existence?  Think again.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!  

THANKS to Temple Health and Bioscience Research District for having me present last week on Upping Your Wellness Game.  Let’s get Temple healthier, happier, and more productive by Living WELL Aware!

Have Dr. Sulak and Dr. Waxman speak to your group. 

It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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