What are the “essentials” of life?  To continue our existence on planet Earth, what is mandatory?  We need a support system that provides adequate food, water, oxygen, basic clothing, shelter, and, for most of us, some form of transportation.  We need to know our life has meaning, and we are traveling this journey with loving, caring people.  That’s about it.  However, it’s amazing the never-ending list of things we think we:  

NEED.  If getting all our nonessential needs met led to greater health and happiness, it would be really important to check off all the items on our list.  The problem:  They don’t.  Plus, we keep adding to the list of things we “need” to have, places we “need” to go to be happy.  I read an article recently about Jane Fonda (age 82).  She announced that not only is she done with plastic surgeries and Botox, but she is also done with shopping – forever.  She said she didn’t “need” to continue to torture herself with facial procedures, and she didn’t “need” any more clothes.

Don’t misunderstand me!  While most of us can not relate to Jane Fonda or her fame and fortune (and our closets are not as big as hers!), the point I’m obviously trying to make:  What do I think I “need” that is actually harming me, that is taking up my time and or money that could be spent on really improving my life?  What do I define as “harmful?”  Anything that is keeping me from having the amazing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual life I desire and deserve.

We all have our list.  We may desire to lose some weight, get in shape, or elevate our spirituality, career, or relationships, but find ourselves spending time and money on stuff that is keeping us from it.  Our subconscious mind is steering us in a familiar path that it has been programmed to seek.  We can find ourself saying: I need a drink.  I need that high-calorie dessert or other carb-laden food.  I need to watch this TV sitcom.  I need a better …….   I need to have ……  (fill in the blanks).

THE TRUTH:  We can be sabotaged by comparing ourselves to others or buying into sneaky marketing that convinces us that so many things will “make us happy” when in fact it’s just the opposite.  Our transient high does not lead to longstanding fulfillment.  We get really good at filling our life with “NEEDS” thinking the happiness is “out there.”  Like Jane Fonda, we need OUR OWN personal wake up call.  I’m not saying you can’t have an expensive glass of wine, nice things, and go on great trips or need a new, upgraded _______ .  Quite the contrary!  I am saying we have to feel good about who we are, what we are called to do, and what we are doing with our life BEFORE the wine, thing, or trip – – not after!  We have to know that alcohol, things, and places are NOT the foundation to a life of peace, joy, and contentment.  

How about making a list of things we truly NEED that will lead to a more fulfilling existence and help us better appreciate the many things we have and are able to do?  For some, it may be focusing on a health issue, getting in a better financial situation, or working on a relationship.  Some things on MY list?  I need:

  • time for daily fitness, devotional reading, meditation.
  • a healthy food plan in appropriate quantities to maximally fuel my body.
  • meaningful relationships that truly challenge and inspire me.
  • a commitment to life-long learning for living – and applying the concepts to make this place a better world.

Let’s all be careful what we think we NEED.  If we make it a priority to first get our basic needs met in healthy ways, we will be able to enjoy the many blessings we have now and in the future.  We may question some of the things we think we need and replace them with others.   We may become more needLESS.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!


THANKS to school districts who have contacted us about wellness training for teachers and other employees.  The next training for the Adolescent Wellness & Sexual Health Curriculum is scheduled in Temple Texas on November 12 and December 3.  Due to the current pandemic, attendance is greatly limited to 20 per session.  The new unique 6th-grade curriculum will be introduced which includes components for parents and school employees.  Private trainings at your school are also available.  For information and registration for the trainings, contact LWA Adolescent Program Manager Sandy Adair at sandy@livingwellaware.com 

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Have Dr. Sulak and Dr. Waxman speak to your group.  

It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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