Living WELL Aware- Monthly Message for January 2021

Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

Hope your 2021 is off to an amazing start.  This Living WELL Aware January Monthly Message will give you “food for thought” because if you are like most, including healthcare professionals, you may not be aware of its existence or importance.  Dr. Waxman and I weren’t until we started pursuing wellness.  To kick off  2021, the LWA Monthly Message topic is on a key driver of our life – including our longevity.  It centers around our body’s ability to: 

RECYCLE.  You may be thinking: “Recycle?  That’s what I do with plastic, paper, glass.”  Well, your body does the same thing.  The scientific term is AUTOPHAGY.  It’s a process of recycling where our cells metabolize some of their own poorly functioning components to build healthier cell structures.   The goal: build newer, more efficient energy-producing cells.

Why do we age?  One of the mechanisms appears to be the downgrading over time of our body’s autophagy pathways.  With advancing years, our cells can become metabolically less flexible.  They rely more on glucose for energy which creates more waste products.  This promotes inflammation in the body – a set-up for diseases.  Development of more dysfunctional cells with aging makes autophagy (recycling) even more important, not less important.  We need to UP our wellness game (stimulating autophagy), not slow down with advancing years!

In the Living WELL Aware 2021 weekly Zoom webinar last week, we covered 8 things that can stimulate autophagy, helping us get rid of poorly functioning cell components and cells that are creating inflammation and numerous diseases and accelerating aging.  One of the most effective ways we discussed:  intermittent fasting.  We don’t need to be eating all day long!  Fasting is NOT a fad.  It’s a survival mechanism.  We’ll be discussing more on autophagy and types of fasting in future webinars.

Speaking of recycling, there’s something else that is recycled over and over and over.  INFORMATION!  With today’s numerous search engines, media outlets, and social platforms, we have information overload.  We all need to be Information Detectives when it comes to all aspects of our health:  physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual.  What are people trying to talk us into?  What are they selling us?  What IS healthy?  Where did Jeff and I get the information for Living WELL Aware presentations, webinars, books, blogs?  As physicians and medical educators, we searched evidence based scientific information from reputable sources and are RECYCLING the best we can find by applying it to our lives AND sharing it with others who want to optimize their health and happiness.  Thanks for traveling this journey with us!

RECYCLING is a critical aspect of our existence!  As we discussed in the LWA 2021 webinar, if you over- OR under-stimulate autophagy, it’s not good for your body.  And, if you are recycling unhelpful, even deleterious information, beliefs, emotions, and actions, that is not good!  Our body and mind need healthy recycling.  That’s Living WELL Aware!

STAY TUNED:  Didn’t get enrolled in the first LWA 2021 group.  We will be repeating the series and starting a new LWA 2021 group in a few weeks.  If interested in participating in the next group, contact program coordinator Amy Brown at  

Enrollment in LWA2021 includes webinars which are recorded for later viewing, weekly health tips, private Facebook group, AND includes free participation in LIVE events later this year.   As one participant said:  “I’m SAVING money!  I’m recycling myself!”   

STAY LWA CONNECTED: Each month in 2021, I’ll be sending out a Living WELL Aware Monthly Message with a hot topic in wellness.  Travel the journey with us to make 2021 a year of greater fulfillment for you and everyone who relies on you.  ONWARD!


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