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The LWA Monthly Message for February 2021 deals with the root cause of most diseases.  The World Health Organization states that 3 out of every 5 deaths are due to some sort of:

INFLAMMATION.  Yes, inflammation is the root cause of most diseases such as stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, even cancers.  Merriam-Webster defines inflammation as: a local response to cellular injury that is marked by capillary dilatation, leukocytic infiltration, redness, heat, and pain and that serves as a mechanism initiating the elimination of noxious agents and of damaged tissue.  Inflammation is actually life-saving.  We would die without our immune system initiating the process of attacking invaders (infections, toxins) and removing them.

But while acute inflammation is meant to be our friend, chronic inflammation is our foe.  As we elaborated in this week’s LWA 2021 weekly webinar, our protective immune system can become a pathogenic immune system through numerous mechanisms leading to most of the diseases we encounter.  It’s not perfect, and certain lifestyle behaviors such as an inflammatory diet, sedentary lifestyle, inadequate healthy sleep, and yes, stress, can program it down a deleterious pathway.   Of the 12 lifestyle strategies I discussed in this week’s webinar to reduce disease causing chronic inflammation, the most important for most of us is a noninflammatory diet.  The right foods (think REAL, not processesd) not only nourish our body but also feed the trillions of organisms that live in our gut that compose our microbiome. Our microbiome is an important component of our immune system.  What we eat, how long and how well we sleep, how we manage life’s stressful events, and many more lifestyle factors play a major role in suppressing or promoting chronic inflammation.

Yes, many medications reduce inflammation (to be discussed in an upcoming webinar), but so can numerous things we do (or don’t do) each and every day.  What’s one thing you can do NOW to lower inflammation?  Avoid ultra-processed foods such as sweetened breakfast cereals, cokes, flavored potato chips, white bread, fried foods, flavored candy bars with long ingredient lists, specialty coffees, energy drinks, mashed potato flakes, flavored granola bars with added sugar and preservatives, and artificially flavored cheese crackers – to mention only a few things I don’t have in my house!

Speaking of stress as a cause of chronic inflammation, if you live in Texas or surrounding states, February 2021 will be a month to remember for most of us with record breaking temperatures, snow, ice, power outages, lack of water, and all the damage that goes along with it.  Thanks to all those who emailed me last week to share their stories of survival, and blessings.  As we make our way through the aftermath, life goes on, and the importance of upping our wellness game can not be left to the wayside.  In fact, it needs to be a priority.  When we encounter obstacles, we need to be at our best (physicially, emotionally, and spiritually) to navigate a successful course.  Speaking of stress (which is ANY negative emotion), we will be covering the root cause and successful reduction strategies on this Tuesday’s webinar.

What IS healthy?  That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about!  Dr. Waxman and I are truly blessed to share what we are continually learning about our amazing body and its efforts to keep us vibrant to have the life of health and happiness we desire and deserve.  It’s beyond our wildest imagination – and it’s FUN! We have only covered the tip of the iceberg.  Thanks for traveling this journey with us!

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Just a FEW Comments from LWA 2021 participants:

  • “I’m SOOOOO loving this course.” Debbie
  • “Down 13 pounds! And intermittent fasting isn’t hard at all.” Dan
  • “Thankful to God for your commitment to this program.” Hortencia
  • “Can’t tell you how much it helps to have you as a ‘life coach’.” Judy
  • “Thanks to you and Dr. Waxman for sharing your passion.” Robin
  • “I am so glad I decided to do LWA Zoom. It is helping me to maintain my focus on me and my personal growth.” Sally
  • “ I am 88 and love your wellness course.” Shirley
  • “These webinars are phenomenal!!! I have lost pounds, my strength and stamina are increasing weekly, and I feel happier/less stressed!!!! The good doctor’s LWA program is worth every penny!!! Thanks for helping me to think differently about my health and keep me accountable!” Darlene
  • “I am absolutely loving this series! You and Dr. Waxman are so amazing, encouraging, full of life! Seriously, you are such a role model for me. The things I have learned thus far have encouraged me to care for ME. If I don’t care well for myself, I don’t have much to offer to others. So thank you for giving me the permission to make my desired workouts a priority. Thank you for giving me tools to take captive self-limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from the best version of me. I find myself thinking I never want this series to end. I’m hooked! “ Kristin
  • “After your presentation on Microbiomes / Harmful Habits, my husband and I are so excited to say we are in CAMP A: Committed!!!!! Thank you and Dr. Waxman for sharing your journey and teaching us how the body works. Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious.  I am learning each day how to dump the BS (blame/shame) and see myself differently.”  Teresa


We will be repeating the live 13 weekly webinar series and starting a new LWA 2021 group in April.  If interested in participating in the next LWA2021group, get on the list by contacting program coordinator Amy Brown at amy@livingwellaware.com

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