We can all have the best of intentions to do a host of things:  lose weight, get in shape, declutter, meditate regularly, drink less alcohol, spend less money, improve our financial situation, elevate the quality of a relationship (or find one!).  We can have difficulty getting started or get started then fall off the wellness wagon.  So often we can blame our letdown on life circumstances and / or a lack of willpower.  I agree with many in the wellness arena who say it has nothing to do with life circumstances OR willpower.  It’s all about:

MINDSET!  Why?  Life happens – has and always will.  Willpower runs out.  Which is why so many people can begin making changes but find themselves back where they started – or worse.  The Problem:  They never really changed their mindset.  They didn’t get up every morning focused on the amazing person they are capable of being and automatically doing what it takes to BE that person.  They got derailed by doing the same things they always do still thinking that would miraculously get them happiness: the food, the clothes, the alcohol, the vacation, the jewelry, the ________ (fill in the blank).  Same excuses just a different version.  Their mind is literally addicted to their current physical and emotional state, giving it what it is programmed to deliver.  It’s so easy for us to be programmed for self-pity, stress, pain, unhappiness, and a host of other negative feelings.

Is it possible to reprogram, to insert a whole new operating system in our subconscious mind that is literally running our life?  YES!  People who make amazing improvements and stick with them don’t let “life” get in the way or rely on “willpower.”  They changed their mindset and programmed a new improved life destination.  Examples are everywhere.  Individuals successfully losing a 100 pounds in less than a year without surgery or medications or going from being emotionally in a really bad place with severe depression or anxiety to finding peace and happiness in their life.  They had a major shift in their mindset.  They realized their old thinking got them in the state they were in.  They changed their “story” and created a new improved mindset, a wellness mindset that withstood the inevitable obstacles of life and the limitations of willpower.

How do you create a wellness mindset?  By doing what you are doing right now.  Since you are reading Living WELL Aware One Minute Wellness, you are pursuing wellness.  THANK YOU!  But having the information and inspiration is not enough.  It takes implementation strategies.  It’s now time for all of us to up our game, to reprogram our thinking, to automatically perform at a higher level, no matter what life throws at us.  HOW do we develop a wellness mindset?  By continually investing time and energy in looking at what is harming our life and needs to be eliminated, replacing these habits of harm with habits of health.  We deliberately have to “see” the person we want to BE.

The enigma:  we may not realize all the things we are exposed to that are actually causing us harm, derailing our life.  We are clueless.  AND, we may not be cognizant of how our mind has been programmed for pain, stress, disappointment. Breakthrough research has helped us to realize that when we were little, without really understanding our world, we made all kinds of assumptions and decisions setting up all kinds of rules to help us operate in this strange, sometimes scary environment. We were built to survive!  However, many of those rules established during childhood that have continued to govern our subconscious are no longer adaptive to adult life.  In some aspects of life, our command center is still operating like a four year old!  Discovering this, and shining a light on assumptions which are no longer valid, can help us emerge into a wonderful new world where we accomplish things which previously had been beyond our reach.  It requires inquiry and honestly looking at current behaviors which interfere with accomplishing a life that has been beyond dreams.  It requires being open to a brand new existence:  The New You!  That’s Living WELL Aware!

Want to develop a new, improved Mindset in 2021 and stay on track to becoming the New You?

GET READY for the upcoming Living WELL Aware Weekly Wellness Webinar series beginning Tuesday, January 4, 2021:  Living WELL Aware: What REALLY Makes Us Sick?  What Keeps Us Healthy?  Sessions will be conducted via Zoom the first 13 Tuesdays in 2021 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm with additional time for Q&A.  Sessions will be recorded with a link provided to registrants in case they are not able to attend the live Zoom session.  An Introductory Session will be held Tuesday December 22 at 6:30pm to help you prepare for the 2021series.  A recording will be sent to registrants who are not able to attend live.  Dr. Waxman and Dr. Sulak will cover the hottest topics in wellness including:  The 10 REAL Underlying Causes of Disease and Death, Changing Your Mindset, Keys to Succeed in Making Changes, Food Myths, Glycemic Control, The Power of Fasting and How to Do It, Autophagy, Inflammation:  The Root Cause of Disease, Sleep: A Critical Aspect of Health, Mindfulness Meditation:  It’s Easier Than You THINK, Supplements: Helpful or Harmful, Establishing a Wellness Routine for Your Life, and much more.  Register LINK will be available next week and sent to those who have requested to be on the list.  Make 2021 Your Year of Health and Happiness.  For information, contact info@livingwellaware.com

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