How many times growing up were we told we should be a “good example” for our friends, siblings, and others?  I personally remember my parents reminding me that: “Sulaks don’t do that.”  Let’s just say that I didn’t always meet up to my parents’ standards, and my teenage years were not always filled with exemplary behavior.  But hey, I was a kid.  At that time of life, my prefrontal cortex had not matured, and it doesn’t in most people till the mid 20s.   Unfortunately, some of this faulty neuronal wiring can persist and hinder our health and happiness into our “mature” years.   We are not the “model” of well-being.   What if we asked ourselves:  “Am I being a good example?  Am I being a noble:   

MESSENGER? A messenger is typically thought of as just an emissary – the go-between to deliver the news or message.  We have all heard the statement:  “Don’t shoot the messenger!”  But unlike an envoy or courier who may not know or understand the message being delivered, we often know what is best for us and everyone around us.  Sometimes though, we may be confused, unaware, or totally oblivious to the message, to our calling, to what IS the best for us.  

What if deep down inside all of us is a buried treasure that has the answers to all of our conflicts, our preconceived judgements of others, our problems?  An inner spirit of clear and concise meaning and significance?  

The problem?  Until we quiet and subdue the overpowering Ego, we will not be able to find and unlock this hidden vault of wealth called peace and joy which no sum of money can purchase.  We release the inner spirit which has always been there patiently waiting.  We live the existence we were truly created to have and then deliver it to others who are starving to receive it.  

WARNING:  The Ego loves to live in self-pity, or worse yet, arrogance.   It can be conniving.  It can say: “Oh, I’m perfectly happy and totally have my act together.”  Or, “I’m not good enough.”  “Oh, that’s just not me.”  “I don’t know what I’m called to do.”  “It’s too difficult.”  “Considering my upbringing / life circumstances, how could I?”  It can come up with all sorts of grandiose beliefs or excuses, often blaming past events or focusing its time, money, and energy on being overly concerned about getting all future needs met – and then some more, and then some more, and then some more.  

The world, now more than ever, needs MESSENGERS who are ready to step up to the plate.  Let’s free ourselves from the ever-present Ego to receive the message of the Inner Spirit, living it and fulfilling our role by giving it to others.  What type of MESSENGER do you want to be today?  A messenger of the Ego filled with insatiable needs, frustration, worry, regret, anxiety, and judgement of others OR the Inner Spirit filled with understanding, humility, forgiveness, and kindness?  Choose Wisely.  Your life depends on it.  The world depends on it.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!        

THANKS to Dallas ISD for scheduling me to speak via webinar on Living WELL Aware to over 200 school nurses in their district.  Healthier nurse messengers will lead to healthier schools.   ONWARD!

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It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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