The Last Word:  It’s a Game Changer!

Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

This is the last Sunday of 2020 and the FINAL weekly Living WELL Aware One Minute Wellness.  We have one final word for you today to end 2020 and to end the weekly blogs.  In 2021, Dr. Waxman and I are taking a break from composing the weekly word of wisdom and wellness to concentrate on our upcoming year-long wellness program Living WELL Aware:  Getting Healthier and Happier in 2021.  [This program will include live webinars throughout the year AND also a weekly health tip sent by email.  CLICK HEREWe do want to leave you with this one last wordWe have no doubt, if you apply it, this will elevate your life to a wondrous level in 2021.  The last word is:  

MANTRADo you have one?  Mantras are used by people of ALL faiths and walks of life.  A mantra is a word or phrase that is often repeated and expresses a particularly strong belief.  I was speaking at a wellness conference (before the pandemic) and asked the audience if anyone had a mantra.  A very pleasant lady in her 80s stood up and said:  “All for Thee!”  She said that every morning when she got out of bed and her feet hit the floor, she would raise her hands upward and say:  “All for Thee!”  What a wonderful way to start the day.  

When I went to work last week and greeted the staff in the clinic, I asked one of the medical assistants how she was doing.  She boldly stated:  “Too Blessed to be Stressed.  Too Anointed to Be Disappointed.”  WOW!  That got my attention.  This lovely lady also lived the message.  Throughout the day, she took any challenge thrown at her with grace and a smile.  And believe me, there were challenges!

A mantra can also be thought of as a slogan:  a word or phrase used to express a position, stand, or a goal to be achieved.  We are all exposed to many slogans and immediately know their source:  “Just Do It!”  “Where’s the Beef?”  “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”  “I’m Loving It.”  Companies want you to recognize their mantra, their slogan, because they have something to sell you.  They want to remind you who they are.

Question:  What do YOU believe in?  What do you need to remind yourself of, consistently and concisely?  Companies do it.  Why?  It works!  Why shouldn’t you?  What word or phrase reflects your mission, your goal?  I have several:  “I am blessed.  I am grateful.”  “ONWARD with His Guidance.”  “Today, I will be a loving, energetic force guided by God to lift others.”   

Believe in yourself just as companies believe in their products.  What do you want to accomplish in 2021?  What phrase would remind you daily, several times a day, of the person you want to be?  Your personal mantra, repeated and lived out, could be part of the answer to miraculous changes in 2021.  If you have a mantra, send it to me.   I’d appreciate your sharing it with me. A suggested mantra:  “I’m Living WELL Aware!”

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