Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

Thanks for taking time to read the LWA Monthly Message for May.  We are into the 5th month of 2021.  It’s been an eventful year thus far: the continued repercussions of the pandemic in the workplace, schools, communities and homes, a nationwide massive vaccine campaign, THE ICE STORM, and numerous personal challenges.  The determination to forge ahead through the difficulties has been nothing short of amazing.  While excuses could have abounded, many stepped up to the plate to take life on.  Jeff and I have been blessed to travel 2021 with so many of you who have made enormous strides in your personal and professional lives.   How did you do it?  First, and foremost, you had a:   

WILLINGNESS to change.  YES, that’s STEP ONE.  We may blame our inability to soar to the next level of greatness on numerous factors: a lack of time, money, connections, challenging life circumstances, our health, age, or upbringing.  We may be telling ourselves: “That’s just not me.” “I’m OK where I am now.  Why bother?”  “I’m too old to change.”  “It’s too difficult to make changes.”  What’s your self-limiting B.S. (Belief System)?   Email me if I left out your personal B.S. for not taking your life a notch up.

For most of us, improving any aspect of our life has nothing to do with any of these.  It boils down to one answer:  An unwillingness to change.  Why?  We are being sabotaged by our subconscious mind that has been programmed to tell us how to think, feel, and act – even though this thinking, feeling and acting is often not a set-up for fully maximizing our well-being.  It’s worsened by a society that supports this thinking, feeling, and acting.  We are programmed with a self-limiting Belief System (BS) that is getting us to a suboptimal destination.  

The Truth:  NONE of us are anywhere near that incredible version we are capable of BEing.  Yes “BE” is capitalized.  Why not seek to BE that person with an amazing life all the while helping others along the way?  What’s keeping us from that path?  FEAR!  We can get really comfortable inside our box of self-limiting beliefs.  And, there’s plenty of support to stay in the box.  Most everyone else is staying in their box!  It takes courage to be willing to say: “I can BE better, DO better, HAVE better.”   And it’s in that order:  BE, DO, HAVE.  You have to be willing to see yourself differently – to BE the true SELF, full of health, happiness, peace, joy, contribution.  You have to be WILLING to DO whatever it takes to make it happen.  By doing so, you discovery that you HAVE everything you need.  

We can all find ourselves resisting, having an unwillingness to look at our life differently.  That was me 13 years ago:  April 2008.  My husband Dr. Jeff Waxman signed us both up for a 4 day self-improvement conference.  To say I opposed going is an understatement – just ask him!  I was not happy that he signed me up.  After a lot of pleading and explanations by him on how we were really not where we needed to be in our lives [physically (I thought I was getting old.), emotionally (I was stressed out – a lot.), socially (Our marriage was not ideal.), financially (I didn’t even know what bank we were using – seriously!), or spiritually (I was lost.)], I reluctantly agreed to go.  I was “willing” to give it a try.  The result:  GAME CHANGER.  This conference kickstarted our wellness journey.  It led us to other conferences, books, and courses, and eventually to the creation of Living WELL Aware.  As physicians, we wanted to share what we were learning and implementing in our lives – stuff we did NOT learn in medical school.  What was STEP ONE for us?  A WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE – to see things differently.  

We questioned and eliminated long-held beliefs that were not serving us well such as:

  • “Life is stressful.”
  • “I don’t have time to take care of me. Others need me.” 
  • “Of course I should get upset when things are not going as planned.” 
  • “Life is supposed to be difficult.” 
  • “We were meant to be unhappy when unexpected, unwanted events happen.”  
  • ETC ETC ETC   

The Good News:  We’re having FUN!  The more we learn and implement, the better we feel – physically and emotionally.  Confession:  Do we “fall off the wellness wagon” at times?  YES!  Do we struggle with making some changes?  YES!  But we don’t give up.  We don’t think of life as being full of obstacles.  Rather, life is full of challenges and opportunities.  Bring it on!  We continue to incorporate essential elements to health and happiness into our lives that over time become routine.  We see ourselves differently and are now more than WILLING to question our self-limiting belief system:  the source of all our problems.  We take action. 



We will not get better unless we admit something we are believing and doing needs to be changed.  Inflexible mindsets that are not malleable to change consistently underperform.  We greatly underestimate our abilities and the true impact we can have in this world.  Once we own up to that, the willingness to do something about it comes into play.  Seeking the appropriate avenues to make it happen comes next.  That’s Living WELL Aware!

Are you satisfied where you are now: physically, emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually?   I hope for all of us the answer is a resounding “NO!”  It doesn’t mean we should be miserable, ungrateful, disgruntled, or unhappy.  It just means we acknowledge we are nowhere near the incredible person we are capable of being, having a life of optimal fulfillment.  The Question:  Are we open to change?  Do we have a WILLINGNESS to look at things differently?  The quality of our life depends on it.  Others are depending on us.  Let’s make living WELL aware a priority.  If not NOW, when?  ONWARD!

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Want to hear the amazing life changes from LWA 2021 participants?  LINK to Testimonials Page


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