Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

The LWA Monthly Message for March 2021 deals with a critical component of our lives, especially our wellness.  We all go about each day thinking the same thoughts, reacting the same way to similar events, doing the same things, saying the same things – over and over.  Our life is one:

RITUAL after another.  When we think of the word RITUAL, we may think only of a religious custom or a particular type of ceremony.  But from a wellness perspective, our daily “rituals” rule our life.  Merriam-Webster defines RITUAL as an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.  Isn’t that what we do every day!  Think about it.  Your conscious mind has programmed your subconscious mind to go through some of the same rituals every morning.  It may direct you to immediately check your phone messages and emails, make your bed, head straight to the commode, go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, put on your clothes and head to the gym.  What is YOUR usual morning ritual?  You will probably find yourself with the usual driving ritual to work or other places, eating the “usual” foods.

We can also find ourselves ritualistically reacting the same way to repeated events.  If there is a traffic jam on the interstate, we are programmed to be frustrated, maybe even angry.  If our mother-in-law or other person relates the same “story” (which we disagree with), we react the same way.  If our spouse/partner does that same “ritual” that annoys us (ex. not paying attention to us as they continue to watch ESPN), we react our usual “ritual” way.

We can have financial rituals that deal with management – or mismanagement – of our money, social rituals with set engagements with friends or family, and spiritual rituals such as attending services every Sunday or saying a blessing before meals.

If rituals set the tone for our lives, which they do, then it behooves all of us to evaluate what thinking, what past life events, have led to these rituals and assess if some need an upgrade or total elimination.  We can be programmed to have a drink (or 2 or 3) with get-togethers with friends – or every day.  When eating out for dinner, we can be programmed to order an appetizer …and a dessert, too – even though we know we have a few pounds that could be shed and we definitely don’t “need” those extra calories.  We can be programmed to routinely stop at the coffee shop for our favorite calorie-laden, expensive drink or get fast food because it’s convenient.

The Point:  We ALL have patterns of behavior (rituals) that detract from leading a life of optimal wellness, hindering our physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual well-BEing – – those less-than-optimal things we think we need to HAVE which determine what we need to DO, leading to whom we BEcome.  These rituals of HAVING and DOING may lead us to BE out of shape, overweight, depressed, anxious, stressed out, not in the best of financial situations, in a not ideal relationship(s).  Get the point.

The Answer:  If we want to improve the quality of our lives, we need to change those rituals that are negatively influencing our existence. HOW?  By first getting things in order.  Instead of HAVE / DO / BE, we turn it around determining the person we were truly created to BE, which will determine what we need to DO, leading to what we HAVE – which we will find is everything we need.  Examples:

  • If I want to BE an energetic, vibrant force getting the most out of life and helping others to do so also, I will DO what it takes to make that happen, putting the ritual of daily fitness in my schedule which will lead me to HAVE physical wellness.
  • If I want to BE at peace with life events, understanding what IS under my control and what IS NOT, dumping the past (which is OVER if I let it be so), I will DO what it takes, putting the ritual of mindfulness meditation in my daily schedule, visualizing myself as calm during the storms of life which will lead me to HAVE emotional wellness.
  • If I want BE a person of financial harmony , I will DO what it takes to make it happen, ritually taking advantage of opportunities (which are everywhere), making wise purchases, saving, and giving, which will lead me to HAVE financial wellness. (NOTE: financial WELLNESS, not financial wealth)
  • If I want to BE a spiritually directed BEing, I will DO what it takes, making time to have a relationship with a divine higher power for guidance and sharing with like-minded people, which will lead me to HAVE spiritual wellness.

We want to keep (and tweak) the RITUALS that are truly leading to greater health and happiness: daily fitness, meditation, a true relationship with our Creator, healthy food consumption, uplifting and inspiring affiliations with individuals and groups.  These interactions become rituals in our life.  They reflect who we are.  Who are you? Whom do you wish to BE?

What “rituals” are truly enriching your life?  Name them!  What “rituals” are doing the opposite?  Name them!  To dump an undesirable ritual and insert a desirable one into our brain’s command center, it takes repetition, rewiring, to make it a routine – a ritual.  As my husband often says: “Baby Steps!”  If you have been thinking, feeling, and reacting a certain way for decades, it’s gonna take a while to dump the old rituals and establish new rituals.  I love it when people in their 80s, even their 90s, inspire me by sharing their “new” rituals.  They are not done!  It will happen IF we first determine the person we were created to BE.  It’s all downhill from there.  Need help in determining the person you were created to BE.  That’s what Living WELL Aware is all about!

To the LWA 2021 GROUP, get ready for this week’s webinar #12 of 13 as Dr. Sulak discusses the 10 characteristics of “successful” people and Dr. Waxman delineates 10 characteristics of centenarians – people who live into their 100s and are NOT in a nursing home.

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