Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

Thanks for taking time to read the LWA Monthly Message for June.  It’s the official start of summer this month. Are you and your family eagerly anticipating this time of the year?  Compared to 2020, this summer heralds the lessening of restrictions on our events and gatherings with others.  Many of us are looking forward to a well-deserved:  

VACATION!  Merriam-Webster and others define vacation as: a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation; a period of rest and freedom from work or study.   As many of you have heard me discuss, if I were to add to the Living WELL Aware Eleven Essential Elements to Health and Happiness, #12 would be REST, REJUVENATE, and REJOICE.  That’s my “ideal” vacation:  getting away from worldly obligations (physically AND emotionally) to have time for R&R (REST and relaxation), to enter a higher state of well-BEing (REJUVENATE), and to allow my Inner Spirit help me immerse in a state of gratitude (REJOICE).

How do you define vacation?  What are your goals and plans for time off? Will you be traveling to see that relative you haven’t seen since pandemic restrictions were placed? Will you be carving out time to read those books that are on your wish list? Making the effort to pursue a hobby you love? Or perhaps taking the kids or grandkids out to the nearest amusement park or zoo?

While I truly enjoy and absolutely cherish vacations with my family, they sometimes are not particularly restful and rejuvenating!  But that’s totally OK.  I look forward to them and love them. I just make sure I find times for LWA Essential Element #12 to take my well-BEing to a greater level, getting closer to that version I was created to BE and sharing that experience with others who have the same mindset.  Why am I getting this newsletter for June to you early?  I’m headed for some LWA EE#12 R, R and R this week with hiking, biking, and fly fishing along with reading, eating nutritious food (cooked by someone else!), and just plain downtime – away from my home where I can always find something to work on!  I also have plans this year to get away to be “fed” – and I’m not talking food.  I’m no where near the amazing version I am capable of BEing, and I know to get “higher”, it won’t just happen.  I have to search for it.

What are your plans for your time off for the remainder of 2021?  What do you hope to experience, to accomplish?  While you may have an amazing once-in-a-lifetime exotic trip planned, some of you may plan to hike a national park or visit family and friends in a certain location.  What have you planned to specifically take your life to a higher level?  Make it a point to find time to truly Rest, Rejuvenate, and Rejoice in such a way that you return a New You.  Your well-BEing deserves it.  Others are depending on you to do so.  As I often state:  None of us are going to be better unless we joyously accept changing something we are doing or believing. That’s Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to LWA 2021 participants who are rocking it this year.  Your life improvements are an inspiration to us and the entire group.  Planet Earth is getting lighter with all the weight loss!  The elevated energy and positivity is visible.  Jeff and I are enjoying delivering the evening webinars and have many more enlightening topics planned throughout the year.  Get ready for more LWA Information, Inspiration, Implementation AND, importantly, Installation, programming your life for wellness.  ONWARD!

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