Hello Seekers of Greater Wellness!

Thanks for taking time to read the LWA Monthly Message for July.  For many businesses, organizations, and schools, this is the time of the year for changeovers as a new “calendar” year begins.  It’s a time of transition in:  

LEADERSHIP.   At the medical institution where I work, new interns and fellows are coming on board as their predecessors take on a higher level of responsibility.  Universities, school districts, and regional educational service centers are seeing a change in their leadership in preparation for the upcoming academic year.  Organizations are also seeing a change in the hierarchy.  My husband is a member of Rotary International.  A friend of ours was recently installed as the new governor for the area Rotary district.  I am a member of Altrusa International of Temple and am blessed to have 3 great friends who were installed as the local club president, the governor for the state of Texas, AND the upcoming international president of this worldwide organization.  These women are truly servant leaders going the extra mile to help so many in need.  

I have been privileged to witness great examples of leadership of organizations, businesses, and schools who took the lead in not only elevating the mission of their establishment, but importantly, also in promoting wellness of their members.   I was asked to present a wellness conference to employees of a small university in Texas.  The president showed up to introduce me.  I thought he would probably leave shortly afterwards.  No, he stayed for the entire conference.  Another college president had me conduct a weekly wellness webinar series for employees.  She was present for every webinar.  A superintendent had me present to all the school employees, and he participated in the entire program.  A business owner organized a day-long conference for his employees and their spouses/partners.  He and his wife were there on the front row to show their support and commitment.  He shared with me how successful his business was financially, but he knew that many of his employees were engaged in very unhealthy habits.  He took the lead to promote wellness because he truly cared about them, not just making money.

While it is my desire that all organizations, businesses, and educational institutions have leaders in place that promote holistic wellness to constituents, we need to be reminded that we are ALL leaders.  We are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, friends, or coworkers to so many people in our circle.  Everything we do and say matters.  The ripple effect is HUGE.  I am truly impressed with the stories shared by so many of you who have taken ownership of their health and happiness this year with dramatic life improvements in weight loss, improved fitness, and greater emotional stability.  You have become LEADERS in helping others do the same.  You are leading by example implementing the World Health Organization definition of wellness: a state of optimal health (physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually) to meet role expectations.   How does this personally resonate with each of us?  What can we do in our own lives to improve our health and by doing so subsequently help so many others?

Let’s be LEADERS in promoting all aspects of wellness, making it a priority in our own lives and that of those who depend on us.  It should not be “optional”.  Our businesses, schools, organizations, communities, and families will reap the benefits when we invest in our health and happiness.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Hondo ISD for having me speak to school leadership this week, and thanks to all the school districts / ESCs who have invited me to assist with staff development / convocation.  Wishing all our schools a healthy / happy 2021/2022 school year!

THANKS to LWA 2021 participants who are rocking it this year.  LWA 2021 Group 2 just completed the 13 session weekly webinar series.  Your life improvements are an inspiration to so many, including your healthcare providers!  As several of you have stated, your doctors have been asking:  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  They are blown away with the documented improvements in weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar/hemoglobin A1c.  Get ready for more LWA Information, Inspiration, Implementation AND, importantly, Installation, programming your life for wellness as we continue with the weekly Meaningful Mindful Moment health tips, the monthly webinars and book of the month, and a LIVE event to be held later this year – all included in your registration fee.  

Not enrolled in the LWA 2021 Yearlong program?  If interested, contact Amy for details at amy@livingwellaware.com

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