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Thanks for taking time to read the LWA Monthly Message for April 2021.  I would like to review a couple of important topics we are covering in depth in the LWA 2021 webinar series.  If we want to slow the aging process and remain vibrant (who doesn’t!), we need to stimulate our body’s autophagy pathways (that built-in recycling system that gets rid of poorly functioning cell components).  Unfortunately, our current food consumption, eating habits, stress, and many other factors discussed keep us from optimal stimulation of this underutilized longevity system.  We also continue throughout our life to create new cells, new tissues.  It’s like we get a new body every few years.  The questions for all of us:  Are you satisfied with the current condition of your body, and what are the best:

RAW MATERIALS to build a better body?  It’s no different than building a house or manufacturing a fine automobile.  The final product is only as good as the materials and their assembly.  Our body is no different – and we should all be more concerned about the remodeling of our BODY than our house or yard!  SERIOUSLY!  I’m amazed at all the trouble, all the expense, we can expend on upgrading or replacing our house, car, yard, and other possessions but utilize crappy raw materials (processed, poor quality food in excess amounts) to remodel our body.  Our body is CONSTANTLY replacing old cells with new cells.   What determines the quality of those cells?  Two things.  It’s all about the raw materials we take in AND how our body processes and utilizes those materials, which depends on many factors.

In webinar #13 of the LWA 2021 series, we covered Nutrition 101, where I defined macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals).   [ Sorry for the webinar being the LONGEST of all the webinars, but there was so much important info to cover!] As mentioned, there are certain ESSENTIAL raw materials that we must take in on a routine basis because our body does not have the ability to manufacture these substances.  These include many vitamins and minerals.  As discussed, taking too much of one vitamin or mineral can lead to problems.  An excess amount can actually cause a deficiency of another vitamin or mineral or result in levels that can cause damage to tissues or organs.  Unhealthy, even toxic, vitamin and mineral intake almost always comes from the use of supplements, NOT from our diet.

To obtain adequate vitamin and mineral intake, we first and foremost need a diverse food intake.  The healthiest: a diet rich in colorful veggies and fruits, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and fish.  There are so many amazing sources of abundant micronutrients. Here are just a few we discussed.  Red sweet peppers are loaded with Vitamin C (more than fruits).  Apricots are a great source of potassium (an important mineral involved in blood pressure control).  Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A.  The best source of selenium?  Brazil nuts are so high in this antioxidant that you should not eat them every day!

What about supplements?  It’s a mega billion dollar industry, and companies want more of your money!  Yes, there are some to consider especially depending on our age, food intake, medical problems (ex. osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease), and symptoms we may have (ex. joint pain, achy/crampy legs, fatigue, hair loss, brittle nails, etc).  One size does NOT fit all.  It’s too lengthy of a topic to cover in a brief newsletter, but Dr. Waxman and I will be giving our thoughts on this important topic in next week’s webinar, sharing what we have learned in our pursuit of wellness, including information from the comprehensive course for physicians we completed with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

To LWA 2021 GROUP #1, get ready for next week’s webinar: #14 of 13. [Yes, we are overdelivering and extending the weekly webinar series!  WHY?  We are humbled and inspired by the commitment of the group and the jaw dropping changes being made in just a few weeks.]   Now that we have covered autophagy, the microbiome, inflammation, and the basics of nutrition, we are ready to discuss which supplements (vitamins, minerals, protein/collagen, etc) you might consider and which ones you might ditch. Who should take aspirin, and who should NOT?  What about apple cider vinegar, bone broth, spices, herbs?  Get ready for a “mouth full” of information!!

JOIN LWA 2021 Group #2 Now!   Drs. Sulak and Waxman will be repeating the live 13 (or more) weekly webinar series [LWA 2021 Group #2] with webinar #1 on Tuesday April 6 at 6:30pm.  THANKS to so many of you who have already registered for Group #2!  Sessions will be recorded for registrants that miss a live session.  This will be the ONLY opportunity to enroll in the webinar series as it will NOT be repeated due to speaker time constraints.   The pandemic is ending, and Drs. Sulak and Waxman will be again presenting in person in a few months! To participate in LWA 2021 Group #2, REGISTER NOW!  LINK for LWA2021 Topics and Registration Info   Enrollment in LWA 2021 includes 13 live weekly webinars which are recorded if you can’t attend live, weekly health tips, private Facebook group, AND includes free participation in a LIVE event in the Temple area later this year.   Want to hear the amazing life changes from LWA 2021 participants?  LINK to Testimonials Page


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