“It’s not fair!” While children may frequently shout this out when they don’t get what they want or someone else gets more than they did, adults are also guilty of this thinking. We are thinking that it is not fair that: “I can’t get pregnant but my friends can.” “My house burnt to the ground.” “My husband left me.” “I have cancer.” What is a healthier way to look at this?

Life is not the same for all of us. If it were, we would be robots who looked the same, did the same things, had the same stuff, and all lived to be exactly the same age. Which is not the case! When we compare our life to that of others and what they have, it’s a set up for negative thinking and a negative life.

Life is what it is, and our job is to take it on: the trials and the triumphs. Look at what you can control and what you can’t. Love your life. Make it uniquely yours. It’s the only one you have. It’s about Living WELL Aware™!