In the pursuit of greater well-being, I often come across the important topic of “questioning our thinking.”  We can all be guilty of assuming something is true because just about everyone we know also thinks the same.  What if we questioned our thinking, particularly every anxiety-provoking thought?  We did an “internal” audit of our thinking. An:  

INQUIRY.  One wellness speaker made the bold statement: “An unquestioned mind is not worth living.”  While I find that a bit extreme, I would say that: “An unquestioned mind limits our temporary earthly existence.” 

What RULES our life?  Our thinking!  Our THINKING determines the MEANING we attach to each and every event, which governs our EMOTIONS leading to our ACTIONS.  It can be a vicious cycle if we get into the habit of the same destructive, life-limiting thinking with recurrent discouraging meanings, emotions. and actions.  

The Good News:  Change your thinking, change your life, change your world.  You may have been born with a pessimistic attitude into a pessimistic family.  Your mind does not have to stay there.  Just like we upgrade computers to perform better, we can upgrade the most amazing computer in the world: our nervous system.  It requires inquiry, questioning why we think the way we do and knowing there is a better option.  We don’t have to think, feel, or act like everyone else does.  We should all challenge ourselves to question unproductive thoughts – – but only 100% of them.

The Truth: We can all find ourselves drowning in self-pity when life isn’t going our way.  It’s often when we personally experience a sudden unexpected, unwanted event.  More commonly, it’s when we expect DIFFERENT outcomes in our life with the SAME thinking that we have programmed in our mind decades ago.  That reminds me of someone’s definition of insanity:  doing the same thing (i.e. the same thinking) and expecting a different outcome – which hasn’t worked for years!  

Inquiry allows us to THINK about the STORY (the meaning) we attach to each event in our life.  We can actually turn a negative, undesirable story into a positive, constructive one – that’s the essence of gratitude.  With inquiry, we can rewrite our life’s story leading to greater health and happiness.  That’s Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to EVERYONE reading this One Minute Wellness and to those who has reached out to me in these last few months, sharing the meaning they are attaching to their life events.   I’ve enjoyed the calls, emails, texts, walks in the park, dinners in homes, and requests to spread the messages of wellness.  There’s been a lot of INQUIRY.  Thanks for allowing me to be in your circle.  ONWARD!

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