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Language can be confusing.  The same word can be used to mean many different things.  For example “fan” can be a person who loves a certain sport or something that moves air.  Here’s another word which can have different meanings:

HOME.  We may first think of our current residence as our “home.”   Or we might think of our “vacation home” or our “childhood home.”  The word also describes website “home” pages or the “home” button on your phone.  In sports we find the term “home team.” I also come across the word in another context: the Obituary column of the newspaper.  Someone’s obit read:  “He died and went ‘home’ to his creator.”

What does the word “home” mean to you?  To me, it’s a physical existence and a spiritual existence.  Physically, my house in Temple, Texas is home. When I walk in the door, I often say, “Sweetheart, I’m home!” My friends will say, “Can I meet you at your home and then go for a long walk?”  And my husband reminded me that this month, we will have lived in this home for 30 years!

Home is also a spiritual place that I can access anytime, anywhere.  It’s like my personal internal  “home page.”  I can go “home” to my amazing inner spirit that is better than Google!  My inner spirit DOES have all the answers, knows only love and kindness, doesn’t compare, and is “loving what is” when dealing with reality: the obstacles and the opportunities.  The problem: my Ego frequently gets in the way, and I don’t feel at home with myself or others. What I mean is that if I’m anxious, frustrated, unhappy, jealous, or just plain mad, I’m not at home.  I’m temporarily lost.  When I find myself out of place, I know it’s time to go home!

And how do I “return home?” Step One:  I practice being aware of these Ego-driven feelings. I know I am NOT home.  Step Two: I pay a visit to myself, take some deep breaths, get into a state of gratitude, maybe go for a walk.  I remind myself to stop feeling so high and mighty!  And I’m back!

Having a difficult time in life?   Thinking you need a vacation?  You many need to Go Home.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!

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It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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