Isn’t it amazing how intelligent we humans think we are!  We keep thinking if we just get what we want, we will be happy.  What are we telling ourselves we must:  

HAVE?  We can come up with all sorts of diverse answers.   I want to HAVE:

  • my kids/spouse/partner/coworkers get their act together.
  • financial freedom to do whatever I desire.
  • good health.
  • a youthful appearance.
  • respect, power, prestige, or ___________________ (fill in the blank)
  • everything I planned GO AS PLANNED!

We think we will be happy if we get all our “haves” met, whatever they may be for each of us.  But that isn’t the case.  There seems to always be “something” out there we want to HAVE.  We keep adding to “the list.”  We come up with things we need to HAVE for significance, possessions that are a must HAVE, vacations / meetings that are a must HAVE.  We can then find ourselves a bit stressed, frustrated, anxious, worried.

But have you noticed there are a few people who are just happy?  They’re content and at peace.  It doesn’t matter if the world is in turmoil with a pandemic, social unrest, or political discord.   It doesn’t matter what has happened to them or loved ones in the past.  In fact, they don’t talk about the past.  They live in the present.  They are truly at peace.  They aren’t focusing on everything bad going on in the world, piling up their list of things to do, or worried about all their future needs and wants.  It’s not that they are unproductive, reclusive, or don’t have an opinion.  They are anything but that!  They go about each day doing what they feel called to do – – with peace and joy.  They know what IS under their control and what IS NOT.  They have decided the person they want to BE.  

Think Mother Teresa or Ghandi.  My mother comes to mind.  She had NO expensive possessions and never asked for any.  She went about each day being the best wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and follower of Christ she could possibly BE.  If she had one HAVE, it was for Dad and all of us 7 kids and offspring to HAVE a happy life.  She realized that was NOT under her control and admirably dealt with many misfortunes including the death of my brother at a young adult age.

Our earthly existence is brief.  We just don’t know how brief.  Instead of focusing on what you want to HAVE, first decide who you want to Be.    Be careful with your answer.  If you want to be a multi-millionaire who can HAVE whatever you want whenever you want it, then you will steer your life in that direction.  If you want to BE in a position of power or prestige, then you will head in that direction.  If so, BE a great leader.  If your primary goal is to BE at peace living a life of joy, working to make this place a better world, you will live in the present moment, not arguing with reality, but seeing the answers, with peace.  

What if we dumped all anger, regret, shame, and guilt?  When we do so, we HAVE a life of amazing productivity, creativity, and freedom.  Knowing who we are truly called to BE will direct what we need to DO.  THAT will determine what we HAVE.   We may find we already HAVE everything we need.  

Who are you?  Whom do you want to BE?  How would you like to contribute to your friends, your family, and the world? How would you like to grow? It requires leaving the past and our “story” that is not serving us well.  What is your personal mission statement for life?  In December 2009 at a wellness conference, I made the decision that I wanted to BE:  “A loving, energetic force guided by God to lift others.”  I’m not always successful, but it’s a worthy goal.  Who are you? It’s the most important question of your life.  It’s about living WELL aware!

THANKS to Temple College for making employee wellness a priority.  I’m excited about beginning the Wednesday Weekly Wellness Webinars.  It’s all about Living WELL Aware at Temple College!


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It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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