Hello seekers of greater wellness!  My oldest son sent me a link to a really funny Saturday Night Live skit with Adam Sandler portraying a tour guide for vacations in Italy.  Knowing my passion for wellness, my son knew it had a really important message I would appreciate.  The meaning underlying the skit: If you are not happy before a vacation, no matter how great it is, it isn’t going to turn you into a happy person when you return.  Maybe all vacations, and for that matter expensive luxury purchases, should come with a:

DISCLAIMER.  There should be a WARNING that reads something like this:  This {fill in the blank} (vacation, luxury car, expensive jewelry, mansion, etc) will not turn you into a different person or solve relationship issues.  If you are a pessimist focusing on the negative or easily upset by life events not under your control or if you are in a relationship with serious problems, this will NOT help you!

Don’t get me wrong.  My husband and I love to travel to new places experiencing history and different scenery and cultures.  We definitely have more possessions than we need.   Over the years of pursuing wellness, we had to learn that one can appreciate travel and things more if we are already happy, not seeking happiness in them.

It’s actually the opposite of what we are marketed.  We are sold the idea that we will be happy if we get the item being promoted to us or if we land the perfect job.  It’s really the other way around.  If you are happy, you don’t need as much stuff.  If you are happy, you are more likely to get that job and enjoy it, even when the going gets tough.  You are more likely to appreciate what you have. You look at obstacles as opportunities, as challenges.

What’s the connection between success and happiness?  There are many “successful” people who are not happy.  The truth: Being happy has been proven to increase your success in life.  You are more productive, creative, and healthier.  Happiness leads to success.  You look for the positives in situations.  People want to be around you!  Happiness comes from the inside, the Inner Spirit – which lives in gratitude, progress, understanding, contribution, forgiveness – that deals with reality.  Why not wake up every morning and choose to be happy?  It is a choice.

Here’s a DISCLAIMER:  LWA WARNING: If you are Living WELL Aware, taking on life’s challenges with joy, working on what IS under your control to be the best version you are capable of being, not agonizing over the past or worried about the future, you will appear alien to most.  They may think you are a bit weird.   I’d like to add to the lyrics of a song by Huey Lewis: “It’s hip to be square” if you are Living WELL Aware!  ONWARD!

Thanks to Education Service Center 3 and numerous Texas school districts who have scheduled me to speak this summer.   Let’s elevate the health of our schools, leading by example.  It’s never been more important.  ONWARD!

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