I appreciate people who clearly delineate their stance on some health-related issue, state their reasons, and are consistent in sticking to it – even if it’s something I personally don’t do myself.  They may be proclaiming a behavior they have committed to because of a personal health condition or they just want to maximize their health.  They have decided to:  

DECLARE their position or intentions on improving their well-being.  Why?  By declaring, they are more apt to live it out.  My friend Bill announced that he has “given up sugar” – which he loved.  Result:  He’s lost 35 pounds this year.  I recently had dinner with him, and he avoided carbs like they were poisonous.  Deena declared her intention a few months ago to not drink any alcohol.  We were recently together at a small gathering, and although alcohol was present, she didn’t touch it the entire evening.  She was sticking to her declaration.  One of my patients shared with me that she had severe psoriatic arthritis until she eliminated gluten and dairy in her diet.  Her symptoms dramatically improved.  She declared to me:  “I’m done with dairy and gluten.”    

When we declare our intentions, we are much more apt to play them out.  This concept is key and something we are including in the new adolescent wellness curriculum:  Living WELL Aware:  My Choices, My Life.  In one of the video scenarios in the lesson entitled Effective Communication: How to Say YES / How to Say NO, two dynamic teachers are acting out a scene teaching refusal skills to students.  In the skit, Lamar is being invited to go over to a friend’s house to sneak a beer out of his dad’s refrigerator.  Lamar clearly and concisely declares his position:   “I’m not down with that.  That’s not what I do!”  

WOW!  That’s powerful.  We are all “offered” things that may not be conducive to optimal wellness: unhealthy and/or excessive food is a common example.  It’s not only adolescents that need to learn refusal skills!  What if we were being enticed to partake in a less-than-desirable behavior for OUR personal health, and we stated: “I’m not down with that.  That’s not what I do.”  IMPORTANTLY:  This is about what YOU need to declare “NO” to and what YOU need to declare “YES” to in your life (HINT: Maybe saying YES to daily fitness!).  It has NOTHING to do with what your friends, family, or coworkers are doing.  It’s YOUR health and happiness you are declaring.  

It’s not only stuff we are offered that can harm our health, it’s negative attitudes such as self-pity, pessimism, complaining, judging.  We can be with people gossiping about someone or being judgmental and talking negatively. This is toxic!  It’s like a poison slowly eating away at us.  Avoid these people!  Or, at least don’t be drawn into their pity party. 

What do you need to DECLARE that would propel your health and happiness? Examples:

  • I’m done with sweets and other carb-laden foods.
  • I make movement mandatory – every day.
  • I’m getting out of debt.  I only make purchases that are absolutely essential.
  • I’m sticking with my keto food plan.
  • I look for the good in EVERYONE.  I’ve given up judging people. 
  • I’m on a Wellness Mission!

NOTE: Temptation is everywhere!  It’s easy to succumb to the old behaviors that have been programmed in our subconscious mind.  It can be challenging committing to something that is outside your routine and totally against what you have been believing and doing for decades.  You may declare your intentions but find yourself veering off the wellness path.  It happens – to all of us! It’s about progress, not perfection.  It’s about consistency and continued striving to achieve your vision (your destination) that will get you back on track to the amazing life you desire.

HOW will you be much more likely to stick to your declaration?  It must be consistent with your vision, your destination in life.  You have to declare it DAILY!  Write it down.  Post it.  Have an accountability friend or family member, group, or coach.  Join the 2021 weekly webinar group!  REGISTER HERE

Envision it.  Believe it.  Declare it – to everyone.  To have the amazing life that is yours for the taking, to what do you need to say:  “I’m not down with that.  That’s not what I do.  I ____________ (fill in the blank with your life-changing declaration.”   DECLARE!  That’s Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to Dr. Christina Ponce and Temple College employees who last week completed the 13 noontime Living WELL Aware weekly wellness webinar series.  You Rocked It!  I love your Temple College 12 days of Wellness Tree created by your Wellness Committee to inspire employees during the holidays.  Wishing you all the best throughout the holidays and 2021.  ONWARD!

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It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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