We all do it.  We say: “I need to _________, BUT _____________ .  For example: “I need to lose weight, BUT I love carbs.”  “I should exercise more, BUT I’m busy with all my obligations.”  What if we eliminated BUT and replaced it with:  

AND.  Using the same examples, one can see the difference it makes.  “I need to lose weight AND I love carbs.”  So, you love carbs.  Who doesn’t?!?!?!?!?  FACT:  You need to lose weight to have the life you desire.   OBSTACLE: Your love for carbs is preventing you from your desired life.  Using “BUT” makes your desired outcome seem impossible.  Using “AND” identifies the problem and empowers you to do something about it.  Maybe eat carbs, but WAY LESS.  

The same goes for getting in a sustainable fitness program.  “I should exercise more, BUT (replace with AND) I’m busy with all my obligations.”  Exercise isn’t the problem.  Your obligations are the problem.  What “obligation” are you making MORE important than your health?  

For me, it was:  “I should do more yoga, BUT my balance and flexibility are horrible.”  I changed it to:  “ I should do more yoga, AND my balance and flexibility are horrible.”  The BUT statement: deflating.  The AND statement:  empowering! 

Another one for me, as embarrassing as it is to admit:  “I need to understand our finances better, BUT it’s too complicated.”  I changed it to:  “I need to understand our finances better, AND it’s too complicated.”  FACT:  In case my husband is not around, I need to understand our financial situation.  OBSTACLE:  It is complicated, and I can make this simpler by learning a little bit at a time – baby steps.  I’m pleased to tell you that I paid my first online bill last year – by myself!  

For many people, it may be: “I’d like to get better sleep, BUT I worry a lot.”  “I hate getting upset, BUT my spouse spends too much money.”  Using the word “AND” separates the statements.  What’s in your control and what is NOT?  Whether you worry or not, or get upset or not, IS under your control.  

What’s it for you?  Send your “BUT” statement to me.  I’d love to hear from you.  It’s about Living WELL Aware!

THANKS to the Living WELL Aware adolescent curriculum team.  We are hard at work rewriting the adolescent wellness and sexual health curriculum used by school districts throughout Texas and beyond.  This unique wellness program will not only have 4 levels (6th, 7th, 8th and high school), it will also have components for teachers AND parents and school employees.  For information or to give us some suggestions, contact us:  info@livingwellaware.com 

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It’s about Living WELL Aware!


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